Bodyparts, Cats and Watermelons

The Panther, she can be kinda creepy.

It’s 10 a.m. and I already overheard three conversations today that make me question her level of psychopathness.

She’s managed to make me uneasy about the tiny kitten we’ve been having since two days.

And about watermelons.


1) Acting Autopsy

Panther: Can I chop you into pieces?

Penguin: Erhm. No.

Pa: But, when I will be a people-examiner, I will need to know how to chop people up! And I need to practice!

Pe: Well, OK then. Chop ahead. But in return, I want to have your skeleton, to put in my skeleton museum.

Pa: Deal!


2) Animal Appetites

Pa: In which country do people eats cats?

Pe: I think in China.

Pa: Do they eats kittens too?

Pe: I’m not sure. Probably.

Pa: Mom, can we move to China? Please?


3) Watermelon massacre

Pa: Look, I’ve got the watermelon’s heart! 

Pe: Watermelons don’t have a heart.

Pa: It’s bleeding all right.

Pe: That’s water. It’s a WATERmelon.

Pa: It’s red. So it’s blood. And I’m going to suck it all out!


I’m keeping a record.

Just in case her future lawyers will need proof of mental insanity.


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