Outside the weather is hot. 34° C were predicted. That’s about 93° F. Or 307 K, if you’re into dramatic numbers.

Inside I feel like ice. Not your regular chilly martini on the rocks. More like liquid nitrogen seeping in.

Just the other day, Israël went into Gaza with ground troups, after days of air strikes.
Israël is where our fellow blogger Susie lives. She just hopes for the same we all do. To keep her family safe.

Just the other day, a plane that took off just a few kilometers north of us, was brought down. Speculations as to who is to blame, are all over the news. I couldn’t care less. It was shot down. By accident.


Even so, the morning queue at the bakkery was filled with talks about the weather. Some even moaned over the upcoming heat wave. The same ones who have been ranting about the non relenting rain just a few days ago.


My Facebook feed on the other hand, is filled with outrage.

Silent sharing seems easier than speaking up.

Personally, I feel the urge to count to three.

And to give hot headed humanity a timely time out.


I can’t rhyme this.

I can’t explain to my children what’s going on.

I do want them to be aware of how privileged they are.

No war. No worries other than how to keep from getting bored or sun burned.

But they wouldn’t understand why today, I would rather not have the Penguin wearing the new camouflage shorts his grandmother bought him.

And I surely I can’t tell them a plane full of scientists was shot down.

Unless I want my Panther’s attachment disorder to  have a blast.

I only just returned from a science conference three weeks ago.


So I keep on doing what mothers all over the world do.

I try to keep my Penguin and my Panther safe and innocent.

Because if there is àny good to come from this crisis, it’s to remind us how incredibly blessed we are.

We won’t let evil win, just like Susie wrote.

I will close the doors and windows to keep the heat out.

And I will close the eyes and ears of my kids to keep the news out.

Today I will shelter them.

Today, I will cherish them.

Even more.


One thought on “Safe

  1. About the queu at the bakery… it’s good to remember this Arabic saying… it was something like this:
    “Don’t speak unless you’re sure that what you have to say is more beaytiful than silence…”
    More people should be aware of this…

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