The Panther, she started as an emancipated one.


We had the I want a peewee phase at two,

the no skirts nor lace phase at three,

and the please shave my head phase at four.

I didn’t really mind.

Although I did feel sorry for all the girlless dresses and skirts.

And I just ignored the head shaving part.

You have no idea how long it takes to have type 4c curly hair gain some length.


Now she’s five and she seems to be turning girlish.

For one, she’s grateful I didn’t shave her head.

She likes her braids, especially when I end them with beads,

although I suspect she asks for them because it takes one entire Disney movie to do the braiding.

She’s not all that much into pink, thank god,

but she surely needs some more fluffy swirly skirts.

I’m not allowed to call her a princess. Not yet.

She’s intending to marry a prince first, and only than we can officially call her a princess.

For now, she’s set her mind on any boy whose father is named Filip.

Look up the name of the current Belgian king, and you’ll understand.


And then there’s the make-up!

The only time I’ve ever had make-up on, was on my wedding day, and for a photoshoot I was tricked into.

Neither these times did I put on the stuff myself. I didn’t even have it in my house.

So, the Panther requested we’d buy her some.

And just to be sure, she manipulated some female relatives and friends to get some more.

She has enough now to start her own beauty salon, and she loooooves it.

When we let her to it, she will put lipstick on her cheeks and forehead,

nailpolish on her lips (only once, mind),

and glitter all over, including her armpits and belly button.

It seems cruel to correct her, after all the effort she does.

But I might have to break it to her one day.

Unless she bumps into a prince with a sense of humour.


Today she had another bodypart she wanted decorated.

She requested to have make-up and glitter on her brain.

I don’t know how she will accomplish it, and warned her very strictly against stuffing glitter up her nose and ears.


But when you stop imaging visits to the ER after her brother assisted in opening her scalp, you simply got to love the idea.

She said her brain is her verybest feature, and that it needed highlighting.


Yep, that’s my emancipated girl!


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