Purple-Striped Crisis

I love blogging

I hate blogging

I love blogging

I hate blogging

I’ve been going through a blogging identity crisis.

It must be one of the top ten common wealth problems to face nowadays:

Asking yourselve how to turn your kid’s tantrum-of-the-day into a viral blogpost

while quite some kilometers to your east another mom is worried because the last bomb dropped awfully close to her kid’s school

It’s bitter and surreal.

It’s not that much different though, from worrying about what to wear while other’s don’t even have a choice of clothes. Or a closet. Or a home.


I also don’t like this condescending label of being a mommy blogger.

For one, I’m not just a mommy.

I’m a mommy to my kids, yes.

I’m also a spouse, a women, a writer, a scientist, an inner child, and a crazy-cat-lady in the making.

Secondly, I do write about my kids. About my Penguin and my Panther.

But I don’t just show how awesome and cute they are – which they are, in case you hadn’t noticed.

I’ve tried that by introducing the Wednesday Windows and Weekly Wringers to entertain a wider audience, but that obviously didn’t work for me.

I’d rather strive to show a bigger perspective, to support other mothers – mommies – and maybe even to educate.

Being a mommy blogger doesn’t quite cover that for me.


Oh, and to find the energy!

Tantrums and homework of respectively the Panther and the Penguin.

Business trips and deadlines of my sciency full time job.

Pea picking and fox chasing in our yards and yards of yard.

Writing four children’s books at once without the prospect of a publisher.

Blogging only seemed to fit in there by depriving me of sleep.


And finally, I’ve never cared for being part of an anonymous herd.

I don’t think people are more interesting to meet just because they blog.

I would read the blog of someone who was interesting to meet though.

I find it hard to see myself as one of those hundreds of grey bloggers.

It feels like being a bison and just heading one direction because the ones before you, the ones to your right, the ones to your left and – most importantly I guess – the ones behind you are all running that way.

Not that I would  prefer becoming a head bison.

Please, no, I couldn’t deal with the sound of all those hooves following me.

I’m more of a purple-striped, hopping bison I guess.


But then, today happened.

I met Jennifer Burden, who founded World Moms Blog.

I also met Mirjam, Tinne and Olga, fellow World Moms Bloggers.

One for one they are inspirational as a person and as a blogger.

Today, they confirmed what I already knew, that we at WMB are not just a herd of mommy bloggers.

They reminded me of the role of moms in re-uniting the shattering world we live in.


They motivated me to pick up blogging again.


I’ll be blogging as an exhausted, purple-striped, hopping, mommyish bison to be precise.


2 thoughts on “Purple-Striped Crisis

  1. Welcome back. I’m not a mother, nor a mommy, but a lover of people and language. And the way some people are able to bring the first to life through the second. That is why I read your blog. And because you seem like someone I would like to meet. 🙂 I haven’t read your next blogs yet. Will do so now 🙂

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