Conquering Tiredness


So much for good intentions!

I’ve been tired.

Still am.

I have pictures to fill about every Wednesday Window up till now.

And I sure have had to answer enough questions for my Weekly Wringers.

There have been numerous themes I have been wanting to write about. Some more adoption-related issues of the Panther. Self-reflection struggles of the Penguin. Hot topics in the news like the legalization of euthanasia for minors.

But I’ve been so tired.

Worrying about the Panther’s eyesight and  attachment, both work in progress.

Worrying about the Penguin’s asynchronic development, too far ahead or too far behind.

And everyday struggling to guard my patience with those two strong characters I worry about so much.

I do keep on writing. For the occasional column, newsletter or World Moms Blog deadline.

I might pick up writing here again. Mostly about serious business. For the moment, I don’t feel like entertaining a public with nice pictures, quotes or anything superficial anymore.

But for now, I will stick to reading. In the evening, I read my sorrows away.Writing about them used to help, but it doesn’t anymore.

I can’t read anything too realistic though. It’s all fantasy novels now.

Conquering a dragon seems so much easier than raising the Penguin and the Panther.


3 thoughts on “Conquering Tiredness

  1. Whatever you feel like sharing, I’m happy to read. I like the way you write and even though I only know you and your children from what you’ve written here, I care, weird as that may be.

    So good luck, and I wish you your own equivalent of the shawl.

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