Weekly Wringer 5: Sad

This week’s wringer is not one of my children. It is one I got from another parent today.

The Panther and I were at a ‘Let’s move’ activity for preschoolers, organized by the local basketball team. We both love it. It’s an hour full of climbing, falling, jumping, crawling, running, balling, and well, just having fun together with other children and their parents. Most of the time.

Today, the Panther was having a bad day. Things didn’t really work out the way she wanted. The monkey slings didn’t sling enough. The shooting hoop didn’t have a magnet to automatically catch her ball. Frustration fed her tears. After  a while, we decided to sit aside for a while. To get a grip and some water to drink.

There, she immediately buried her face in my arms. I wrapped my shawl around her. The shawl is our trick for instant safety and privacy.

I rocked her while she cried her heart out.

A fellow mom was watching me. I had already felt her eyes pricking for a while.

She came closer. And closer.

Is she hurt?

No, I said. She’s feeling sad.

Sad? Why would a little girl feel sad? Are you sure she’s not in pain?

Yes, I responded politely. I’m quite sure, thank you. She really is just very sad.

Oh. Then, why don’t you just give her what she wants?

I’m still hoping that was a trick question.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wringer 5: Sad

  1. No sweat. If you had thought of that answer and had given it, I fear she wouldn’t have understood anyway.

  2. I hope that too. And I can’t help but think that you were exactly giving her what she wanted: she was sad and you gave her comfort and a safe place.

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