Trying the get the Penguin dry and dressed after bath has never been my favorite part of being a mom. Either he doesn’t want to come out, or the air is too cold, or the towel it not soft enough. I’m glad he’s getting old enough to do it himself.

Now, the Panther is even worse. When she doesn’t want to come out, she’s not coming out. For her, the air is more like ice, rather than just ‘too cold’. The towels must be made of sandpaper, judging by the way she runs from it. And she never ever stands still when getting dressed. Not after bath, not in the morning, not in the evening. Not ever.

Today, the main challenge was the getting dressed part. She didn’t want to lose the towel. We agreed I would be Lightning McQueen quick between dropping the towel and putting on her top.

She didn’t coöperate one bit.

The minute I put the top above her head, she would duck to pick up the towel again.

I told her no.

We tried again, she ducked.


Top. Head. Duck.


I looked in her  innocent almond eyes and asked her how many times I had said ‘No’ by then.

She stood still, tilted her head. Without the towel nor the top to protect her from the ‘freezing cold’.

Three times, I think.

Oh, so you have heard?

Yes, of course.

So, why didn’t you listen the first time?

Well. Don’t you think I should practice counting?

I’m a bit reluctant to teach her to count past ten now.


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