Weekly Wringer 3: Brows

What is this hair on my face for?

The Panther pointed at her eye brows.

In first instance, I explained about them retaining sweat. With all the eye drops and cremes she has been and still is coping with, she could definitely appreciate a tool to keep unannounced drips from her eyes.

But the Penguin pointed out we really use our eye brows as well. Like when we’re thinking.

Do they help you think? Are they part of your brains then?

She’s a skeptical one, that girl of ours.

The Penguin didn’t really have an answer to that. He was already imagining the eye brows as brain extension that grew from the inside out, and about what would happen if you would pull your brows.

To help him out, and to avoid more of his nightmares, I just explained they probably just show to other people that you’re thinking, so they leave you to it or help you out.

At that, they started making the most funny browy faces, trying all kinds of serious thinking expressions, but also surprise and anger. They are ready to go on stage, I tell you.

After a hilarious ten minutes, we concluded that our brows are sweat retainers that also enable us to tell how we feel without speaking. Great definition if you ask me.

The Panther still thought it was peculiar, those talking brows.

It’s like when I look at you like this, I told the her. Brows raised and hands on my hips.

She knew what that meant, without me saying a word, didn’t she?

She nodded vigorously.

That means I have to run.



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