Snow Monster Strategy

How to beat an incredibly nasty snow monster.

Featuring the Penguin and the Panther.

To read with some sighs in the Penguin’s lines.

Pa: We should stab him with a huge sword!

Pe: You can’t even hold a huge sword.

Pa: But you would help me, right?

Pe: No.

Pa: Why not?

Pe: It’s useless. Snow monsters don’t bleed. So you can’t kill them with just a sword.

Pa: And if we cut him in a thousand pieces?

Pe: He will melt right back together, won’t work.

Pa: What if we pop his eyes out?

Pe: Yes, that’s it! Then he will go blind!

Pa: Like me!

Pe No, not like you. Like really blind. With all your eyes. 

Pa: And if he goes on wearing glasses?

Pe: That won’t help.

Pa: So he won’t see us ever?

Pe: Not ever!

Pa: Great! How do you pop eyes out?

Pe: This is what we do. You jump on his back to divert him.

Pa: Check!

Pe: Then I will jump on his belly and start digging a hole in the snow, all the way up.

Pa: Up where?

Pe: Up to his head! And then I will pop out his eyes from the inside!

Pa: Yes! That’s it!

Pe: And then we run and run and he will never find us.

Pa: Woohoo!

They repeated their ingenious strategy twice. The Penguin wanted to write it down but since the Panther can’t read yet, well, they just repeated a third time.

Just to be sure Panther knew the drill.

Now they will nag for snow even more.


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