The Panther needs confirmation.

A lot of it.

But well, which child doesn’t?

Who doesn’t like to repeatedly hear how big her place in someone’s heart is?

Who doesn’t want to know about infinite love?

I know I would.

But with her, we stress about unconditional love a wee bit more. Attachment is a long and bumpy process for us.

So especially when I’ve been upset with her, and, I admit it happens, when we have been a little too angry, we tell her that we still love her. Before, during and after our arguments.

She loves hearing about it. I suspect she might even start arguments, just for the making up part.

Today, she had to recapitulate.

Casually, during dinner.

The Penguin listened intently.



Are you still my mommy when you’re angry?

Yes, I am! And proud to be, too.

Do you still love me when you’re angry with me?

Yes, I always love you.

Also when you’re really really angry?

Yes, even when I’m turning all red and steam is coming from my ears!

Also when you’re angry like a house?

Yes! You know, nothing can destroy my love for you, did you know that?

No. Why not?

Because you’re my daughter. Nothing can destroy the love a mom has for her child.

Nothing? Are you sure?

Yes, I am. I believe that when you stop loving your children, you will stop loving yourself.


That’s bad.

When you don’t love yourself anymore, you should kill yourself.

And with that, she continued her dinner.


2 thoughts on “Unconditional

    • Yes, she did…
      I didn’t really have a reply to it, so I left it like that.
      Next time I will have some ‘why do you think that?’ for her…

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