When I tell her not to sit too close to the television, she will remain at the exact same spot. Standing.

When I stop her from throwing sand, she will throw stones or anything besides sand that is at hand. She will even wipe off any sand, just to make sure.

When I tell her to stop running, she will stop slowly, putting a few more steps. In slow motion.

When I explain to her she can’t take something unasked, she will still take it after me saying ‘No’. She did ask.

When I tell her she can read only 1 book before going to bed, she will read the same book a dozen times.

When I ask her not to run downhill, she will proceed skipping. Even faster.

When I refuse the little fruit-addict another piece of fruit to eat, she will ask for a fresh smoothie. To drink.

When I tell her for the 36th time she has to sit down on her chair before she can have her dinner, she might drag the chair to the other side of the room and sit there.  Alone. Without a table.

When I convince her to at least taste the green stuff on her plate, she will not put it in her mouth. She will lick it.

When I beg her to sit still while I’m doing her hair, she will focus on keeping her body perfectly still on the chair. And then start nodding and shaking her head vigorously.

When I explain to her she should stick to the side of the road while hiking or biking, she will cross the street and stick to the other side of the road. So we keep on practicing in our low-traffic neighbourhood.

When I ask her to stop splashing in the bath tub, she will definitely find a plastic fish doing the splashing for her.

When I bid her to keep her fingers out of, let’s say, the cookie dough, she will put her nose in it. Or a spoon, when she is being decent.

When I draw the line, she will not entirely cross it.

Not my Panther.

She’s the most adorable, resourceful and willful free spirit I ever met.

She will stand on the line, with her toes wiggling just across.

Raising her to blind obedience feels like telling a butterfly to march straight ahead.

I think I will be going with a fluttering one.


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