Weekly Wringer 1: Water

How was water made?

The Panther must have asked about it at least four times this week.

Being a scientist, I should be able to provide her with an accurate answer.

I could talk to her about hydrogen and oxygen atoms.

Or about microbes making water from gasses.

Or about different kinds and compositions of the thing we call ‘water’.

Instead, I told her the first time it just falls from the sky and pointed at the rain. Should be enough for a four-year old, I thought.

However, we are reconstructing our house (not yet the roof), and we just discovered both a groundwater and a rainwater well beneath our future kitchen. That’s where her question came from. The Penguin had already explained about these two different kinds of water sources.


I ended up explaining the entire water cycle to them both. And repeating it a couple of times.

The Panther is now practising the words evaporation, transpiration, condensation and precipitation.

Her teacher will probably have no clue to what she will be talking about on Monday.


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