Wringers & Windows

Yesterday I learned about the Project 365 revolving around the son of a fellow blogster. I think it’s a marvelous idea, so I copied it immediately without hesitation nor remorse. I was just in time to take the first picture, although the Panther was already asleep, in the Penguin’s high bed. Those pictures will be reserved for family and friends though.

I’m careful with the privacy of my Penguin and Panther, so I’m not going to show off those 365 images here. I admit it is tempting, especially now they are getting along so well. Most of the time I feel the pair of them is too cute to keep for myself. At this very minute, the Penguin is putting make-up on the Panther’s face. You would all melt away at the sight of that much cuteness, I’m sure. But alas I’ve learned that nutcase strangers might have the exact same idea about my pictures, and I can’t allow that.

But blogs seem to need engagements to thrive. And I would benefit from some returning theme. Luckily, we have more than facial cuteness to show off.

Thus, as of today, you can expect to read about our Weekly Wringer.

You see, the Penguin and the Panther are having a lot of burning questions to ask.

How did one make the sun?

Where do rocks come from?

Why can’t I have a peewee?

How do you wake from being dead?

Each weekend – and as long as a weekend will stretch – I will select the most cute, funny or difficult one from the passed week. I can’t be the only one struggling with this never subsiding flow of questions, so I will even provide the attempted answer they wrung out of me. Any input on alternative explanations or improvements, will be much appreciated. They ask the same question more than once anyway.

Secondly, I will start our Wednesday Windows. As I will be taking daily pictures of some event concerning the kids, I will do my best to show an incognito one here, eachWednesday. One that goes with a story I will tell in The Tales, or one that tells a story you should guess. It will be like peeking through a stranger’s window. Just long enough to grasp the moment. Short enough to keep the stranger from becoming an acquaintance.

To comply with my OCD tendency, I must run one for the first Wednesday of the year. I don’t have a DeLorean at my use, so the first Wednesday Window will be running today. A Thursday.

The tone is set.


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