For three years in a row, I have been late buying snow boots. I ended up with either none, ugly or expensive.

This year, I was going to be organized. I planned. I bought snow boots for the Penguin and the Panther in October, way before there was any sign of snow. They even matched, although I would probably be the only one who thinks red and pink match.

On the 6th of December, Sinterklaas delivered them. The kids were excited and they ran around in the house wearing those heavy gadgets. They were of no use yet, outside. Unlike last year, Sinterklaas didn’t need to wear snow boots himself this time to make it to our house. I promised the kids that if we wouldn’t have snow during the Christmas holidays, we would go south to find some. Usually, we have at least some snow in the Ardennes, the Belgian ‘mountains’.

One month later, it still hasn’t been snowing. Even in the Ardens it’s not even freezing. To find snow, we should travel to the French or Swiss Alps, at least 700 kilometers south, which isn’t exactly what I had in mind. Going north was no quick fix either. The Panther is confused and asks just about every day why it is still autumn.

I knew it.

We had snow from November till March last year. At one point, the Panther didn’t even remember there was a time we didn’t have snow. The longer the landscape continued to stay white, the more people started to complain about it. I didn’t. I love snow. It’s my inner child calling.

But this year, this snow-loving mother singlehandedly prevented a romantical, joyful white Belgium by buying snow boots well ahead of the actual snow. I was defying fate, I know. I apologize to all the children staring at a grey yet snow-less sky from their useless sledges.

The way temperature is going and feet are growing in this house, we may not have any use for those boots at all this year.

I couldn’t let that happen. So we used them anyway.

For snow in its liquid phase.


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